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Just how big are the containers we work with? Click here for a list of the most commonly & frequently used, international shipping container sizes and dimensions.

Why does Customs need to inspect my cargo? All arriving passengers and freight must undergo an inspection by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. Please make sure to complete these formalities immediately upon arrival to avoid unnecessary delay or expense. For importer-specific Customs information, click here.

What’s a ‘VACIS’?
 VACIS is a large x-ray machine that looks inside shipping containers without ever having to open doors. Customs selects arriving containers to inspect at random—a procedure over which we have no control. If a given container fails a VACIS inspection, Customs inspectors will open the container and verify its contents. If your freight is selected for inspection, we’ll keep you updated on any ETA and exam charges. Learn more about the VACIS system.

The USDA? Aren’t they the people who inspect beef?
 Yes—however, they’re also in charge of protecting American agricultural interests from foreign pests. They may choose to inspect your cargo—or, they may just ask for more detailed documentation, detailing the nature of your shipment. If we need anything from you, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, click here for some USDA information that may be of interest.

Mail and packages that are received at headquarters can be prime instruments of terrorist activities. It is of utmost importance for U.S. importers to read a particular USPS publication—please click here to access it.

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